XRD Graphite was established in 2011 and since then has grown considerably. We have earned a good reputation in graphite/carbon market. Our products are widely used in Solar Energy, Vacuum Furnaces, Sintering, Non-Ferrous Metal,

    Electrical Appliance, Nuclear industry etc.

    Our own production line for isostatic, high purity molded graphite and EDM graphite assure stable supplies. We also have inventory of extruded and vibration molded graphite to assure prompt turnaround. All other materials can be ordered by customer request. In addition to machining, we also provide graphitization and purification treatment services to improve the material quality while reduce cost.

    As a customer oriented company, XRD Graphite has always excelled at providing our customers with reliable service by treating each customer individually and the shortest delivery periods possible. We work closely with customers to identify and satisfy their needs. Creating added value for our customers through our products, process and service is our ultimate goal at XRD Graphite. XRD Graphite have been keeping stable business relations with our major clients Mitsubishi, GCL Solar, CNNC international and many more.

    XRD Graphite believes, quality of the product is the most important element in the business. We are committed to continuously develop our quality through the hard work of our employees and to introduce and implement 6S management. We've passed the factory audit from Mitsubishi and certified by ISO9001-2008.

    XRD Graphite provides custom graphite machining services to produce parts and components per customer specifications, technical drawing, rough sketch, or even a Concept. We utilize our processing techniques and facilities, CAD designer and qualified technicians with years of machining experience to produce consistent graphite products to meet current market demands.


    We have ISO 9001-2008 accreditation and have built up our quality control system together with Mitsubishi.
    We have ISO 9001-2008 accreditation and have built up our quality control system together with Mitsubishi.
  • Products&Services

    Graphite Machining,supply graphite hot zone,graphite mould,graphite carbon machining etc

    Cofounder, 2011 - Present
    XRD Graphite Manufacturing Co.,Ltd has the capabilities to offer a wide range of graphite/carbon machining products,which include Graphite Heating Element,Graphite Cookware,Graphite Discs,Graphite Powder,Nuclear Industry Graphite Parts and Vacuum Furnace Graphite Parts.
    2011 - 2012
    As long term supplier for GCL Solar,XRD Graphite has continously improving our machining method to produce graphite hot zone part,which included Graphite Bolts Graphite Crucible,Graphite Guide Cylinder,Graphite Heat Shield,Graphite Heating Element and Other Graphite Hot Zone Parts.
    BA Economics, 2008-2012
    XRD Graphite is pleased to offer custom graphite parts designed for your needs,include Graphite Mould.Please send us a CAD drawing or work with one of our qualified engineers to get the exact part you require.
    EDM graphite material
    EDM Graphite with exceptional quality at an affordable price only at XRD Graphite which is a top class EDM Graphite supplier.Say goodbye to expensive EDM Electrode.

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